Bring the Roland TB-303 to your Arturia Microfreak
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Microfreak TB-303 Microfreak Preset

How much acid is allowed? There is no answer to this question. With this preset for the Arturia Microfreak you can create fantastic acid basslines in the style of the famous Roland TB-303.

To make sure you're fully on acid, there's also an Ableton Live Effect Rack included!


  • Arturia MIDI Control Center
  • Arturia Microfreak (Firmeware
  • Ableton Live 10/11 (Optional)


To load the preset on your Arturia Microfreak you need the free Arturia MIDI Control Center.

  • Launch the Arturia MIDI Control Center
  • Start your Arturia Microfreak
  • Click on Import under Presets and select the REVENGEDAY-303.mfpz file
  • Load the preset to any position
  • Have fun!