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The Dystopika XML Entries Generator is a web-based tool designed to simplify the creation of XML configuration files for Dystopika billboard advertisements in the game. This tool allows users to set various parameters such as the image file, excluded aspect ratios, colors, grid density, and dot size via an intuitive form. Upon submission, it generates a customized XML snippet that can be used directly in the game.
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ramses.coffee Website
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Bring the Roland TB-303 to your Arturia Microfreak
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Themes for Iceshrimp, ok they would also work under Misskey...
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Verknüpfungsbaum is a free and user-friendly alternative to Corpotree that allows you to create a personalized landing page for all your important links in one place.
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The Classic Bot of the Dark Future.
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Edgerunners in your terminal
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